The VB 320SF has infinitely variable spindle rotation, table traverse, and boring feed. An added exclusive WVN feature is the electronic Dual Axis Variable Speed movement of the table. This allows the operator to position the work piece with joystick controls on the control panel. As a result, this dramatically reduces the effort required to center the spindle in cylinders for boring operation setup.



Boring Range
1.30 in - 14.00 in
32-355 mm
Milling Head Diameter
16.3 in
414 mm
Maximum Vertical Travel of the Head
36.3 in
920 mm
Distance from Spindle Center to Column
14.9 in
380 mm
Spindle Rotation Speed
Variable 80-600 RPM
Spindle Feeds
Variable 0-1.97 IPM (0-50 mm/min)
Table Surface Dimensions
71 in x 19.7 in
1805 x 500 mm
Maximum Longitudinal Travel of Table
69 in
1750 mm
Maximum Traverse Travel of Table
5.3 in
135 mm
Main Motor Power
2 HP
Fast Movement Motor Power
1 HP
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H)
110 in x 71 in x 111
2794 mm x 1785 mm x 111 mm
Approx. Shipping Weight
10,250 lbs
4649 kg

Standard Tooling

The boring capacity range is 1.18″ to 14.” Maximum vertical travel of the power head is 36.3.” Standard equipment includes a 16″ CBN Milling Head, 22″ column to centerline distance at bottom of column, and 74.8″ of table travel gives ample capacity for 3412 and 3508 cat blocks.