Judged by any standard—speed, precision or longevity—the Winona Van Norman CGs deliver better performance than any other crankshaft grinder.

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Height of Centers on Table
565 mm
Maximum Distance Between Centers
5190 mm
Maximum Distance Between Self Centering Chucks
5270 mm
Maximum Diameter Admitted on Table
1130 mm
Maximum Head Offset
250 mm
Maximum Diameter Ground Using a New Grinding Wheel
410 mm
Maximum Diameter Admitted in Steadyrest
260 mm
Diameter of Grinding Wheel
1140 mm
Standard Grinding Wheel Thickness
50 mm
Maximum Grinding Wheel Thickness
80 mm
Minimum Grinding Wheel Thickness
25 mm
Maximum Weight Admitted Between Centers
3000 kg
Maximum Weight Admitted Between Steadyrest
5000 kg
Diameter of Self Centering Chucks
450 mm
Variable Headstock Rotation Speeds
0-60 RPM
Grindhead Motor Power
11 kW
Head Stock Motor Power
5, 5 + 5, 5 kW
Z Axis Motor Power
3, 24 kW Z axis
X Axis Motor Power
2, 39 kW X axis
Air Pressure for Head Displacement
6 bar
Dimensions (L x W x H)
14300 mm L x 3190 mm W x 2260 mm H
Approx. Machine Weight
21000 kg without equipment

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