CGA Conventional Crankshaft Grinding Machine

The CGA series crankshaft grinders move the grinding head. The workpiece is clamped by the headstock fixed on the base and tailstock moving on table support by air. Grinding wheel carriage is movable on Z and X axes by ballscrew and guideways. Permitting the grinding wheel to move reduces the overall machine dimensions.

The machine base is made of COMPOSITAL®, a new solution composed of a resin‐granite mixture filled with welded‐steel casing that reduces vibration on the machine, keeps the temperature constant and makes the machine stronger.

The tailstock moves by air suspension system moving easily without contact between table surface and the tailstock base.

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Control panel designed for operator ease of use

Safety system according to CE norms

Design with grinding wheel moving on the base to reduce the overall dimensions


Height centers
10.6-14.2 in
270-360 mm
Swing over table
21.3-28.3 in
540-720 mm
Max distance between centers
78.7-137.8 in
2000-3500 mm
Max diameter of grinding wheel
661-1322 in
300-600 mm
Max weight between centers
28 - 36 lbs
710-915 kg

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