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Electrically driven traversing table with a variable speed table traverse and infinite speed control in each direction.

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24” between table and cutter plate. Roll over a 440 Chrysler block easily. Power head traverse quickly positions head and eliminates operator fatigue. Rigid cast iron base and table incorporate flat and v-way design for maximum accuracy and life.


Table Travel41 in1070 mm
Wheel Head Diameter13.7 in350 mm
Milling Head Diameter13.5 in343 mm
Table Length35.5 in900 mm
Table Width7.8 in200 mm
Wheelhead5 HP
Wheelhead SpeedLow 800 / High 1600 RPM
Maximum Work Height24 in609 mm
Minimum Work Height4.14 in105 mm
Table Traverse Speeds0-64 IMP0-1568 mm/min
Distance Spindle Cl To Column9.84 in250 mm
Length78 in1970 mm
Width41 in1035 mm
Height86 in2190 mm
Approx. Machine Weight2105 lbs. 952 kg
Approx. Shipping Weight2343 lbs.1060 kg


Precision ball lead screw increases sensitivity, accuracy, repeatability. CBN milling, grinding or combination machines offer extreme versatility. 13.5” Milling head with dual CBN Cutters. Cast Iron “box” type columns with dovetail ways extend durability and precision.

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