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24V electrical control system, square with manual adjustment and variable automatic transversal adjustment for holding connecting rod, for fast and accurate centering.


Spindle to Table Distance5.9 in150 mm
Minimum Boring Diameter0.6 in15 mm
Maximum Boring Diameter6.3 in160 mm
Minimum Grinding DiameterN/A
Maximum Grinding DiameterN/A
Minimum Center to Center Capacity3.15 in80 mm
Maximum Center to Center Capacity25.6 in650 mm
Spindle Rotation Speed0-1200 RPM
Grinding Wheel RevolutionsN/A
Grinding Wheel RotationN/A
Feed Rate0.47-5.9 in/min 12-150 mm/min
Grinding MovementN/A
Maximum Rod Carriage Travel12.6 in320 mm
Boring Motor2 HP
Table Motor0.1 HP
Rotation MotorN/A
Revolution MotorN/A
Coolant PumpN/A
Length55 in1400 mm
Width27.5 in700 mm
Height77 in1950 mm
Approx. Machine Weight1433 lbs. 650 kg
Approx. Shipping Weight1717 lbs. 780 kg


Electric limit switch to automatically set the boring depth. The standard version is equipped with an electronic variable feeding speed, centering device with dial gauge, and tool setting and calibrating device.

Standard Tooling