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The Winona Van Norman PS2V Power Stroke Hone is the has big machine features at an affordable price. Designed for blocks as long as 42" with a power stroke length of 14", up to 16" manually. Standard equipment creates hones from 2.7" to 5.5" diameter, options available to do 1.75" to 7.0". The cradle indexes for precise alignment of in‐line, 60 degree or 90 degree V's.

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Maximum Block Length43 in1066 mm
Maximum Stroke with Powered Feed14 in356 mm
Maximum Stroke with Manual Feed16 in406 mm
Honing Range with Standard Equipment2.7-5.5 in69-140 mm
Honing Range with Optional Equipment1.5-7.0 in38-177 mm
Hone Motor2 HP
Honing Speed120-240 RPM
Stroke Motor0.33 HP
Stroke Speed9-105 SPM
Coolant Capacity65 Gal.
Coolant Flow13.5 GPM
Door Opening48 in1219 mm
Length68 in1727 mm
Width60 in1524 mm
Height70 in1778 mm
Approx. Machine Weight1450 Ibs.657 kg


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