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The Magnetic Particle Inspection MPI76 checks the real conditions of the crankshaft. The magnetic inspection makes it possible to locate and evaluate the small cracks or hollows, better than by a visual inspection. Sprinkling the crankshaft with detecting fluid containing magnetic particles will be made fluorescent by the ultraviolet light, the contrast between the piece and the cracks becomes stronger, because these particles concentrate in the cracks area. This inspection will allow you to determine if the crankshaft can be refurbished.

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Overall Dimensions (L x W x H)65 in x 25 in x 85 in
Overall Dimensions with light screen65 in x 25 in x 85 in
Maximum Current Output2140 AMP - 7 VOLT
Maximum Current Absorbation50 AMP - 220 VOLT
Power of UV-Ray Lamp35 WATT
Maximum Length of Work Piece76 in


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