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WVN Fixtured Basket Blasters, like the WVNBH‐04, have easily replaceable cabinet liners and is versatile with easy basket jigging setup for any shape parts. Originally designed to accommodate engine blocks and heads but much more versatile than just automotive applications.

Product Info



Work Envelope (CU. FT. of Basket)13.59 cu. ft
Basket Dimensions (L x Diam.)46 x 25.5 in
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H)74 in x 52 in x 104 in
HP of Blast Wheels (STD)2ea x 7.5 HP
Basket HP (STD)½ HP (0.37 kw)
Basket Weight Capacity (Approx)500 lbs.
Dust Collector StdDC-2 (2 HP)


* Can change based on customer cleaning needs ** Dimension of machine doesn't include dust collector ***Height is with door open on clamp shell doors

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