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DU CNC Crankshaft‐Camshaft Grinding Machines For Mass Production

The movements on the DU series grinding machines are fully CNC controlled, designed for high productivity. The closed‐loop linear motors are controlled with an external high precision linear scale. The base is a composite material of concrete and steel, specifically designed to obtain the best results between structural deformations and natural frequencies allowed.

Product Information

Height of centers10.6-21.6 in270-550 mm
Swing over table20.1-39.4 in510-1000 mm
Max length of grinding23.6-137.8 in600-3500 mm
Max diameter of CBN grinding wheel24-38 in610-965 mm
Max diameter of corundum grinding wheel30-42 in760-1066 mm
Grinding wheel width range10/50-35/140 mm
Min distance between centers1.2-5.9 in30-150 mm
Max distance between centers25.6-120.1 in650-3050 mm
Max weight between centers176-3,307 in80-1500 mm

Full CNC controlled system

The grinding heads are continuously monitored by a closed loop absolute linear encoder.

Can be equipped with robotics for loading and unloading of workpieces

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