The Winona Van Norman Thermal Cleaning Systems are the next generation of cleaning equipment designed to meet the needs of high production while remaining environmentally-friendly. Thermal cleaning removes the need to use harsh chemicals with costly disposal costs.

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Each system is based on a modular basket design that allows the work piece and basket to be completely removed from each cell and placed into the next stage while saving time and protecting the operator. Standardized cells can be added to speed up processes or expand production.


Each Thermal Cleaning system consists of a thermal oven, a shot blast cabinet (with dust collector), and a shaker/tumbler cooling unit. Each oven features a main burner that will bake and carbonize and grease, oil, debris or dirt on the work piece. A second stage afterburner in the exhaust eliminates any potentially hazardous fumes. After baking, the parts are transferred (via a material handling fixture) to the part is blasted while rotating to clean and prepare the surface for painting or reassembly. After blasting, the parts are again transferred to the shaker/tumbler cool down cabinet where the parts are rotated to remove shot or debris and a cooling fan removes any residual heat from the process.

A variety of options and spare parts and basket sizes are available, please contact a product manager or representative today for any questions or to request a quote.


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