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The Winona Van Norman WVN‐72RWB 72x80 rotary table washer is designed to clean engine blocks, heads and transmissions as well as many other parts and components. Parts are loaded on a heavy-duty rotating turn table that is mounted on the door for easy access. Simply set the wash timer push start and walk away. Powerful jets of hot water and detergent that a repositioned above, below and beside the parts will quickly remove grease, oil, and dirt. Our systems are built out of 10‐gauge steel for long lasting durability.

Product Information


Special Features Included

Electric Heater: Yes

Gas Heat: Optional

Dig Thermostat: Yes

Autofill/Low Water Assy: Optional

Oil Skimmer: Optional

Exhaust Assy: Optional

Canister Filter**: Optional

Oscillating Manifold: Yes

Work Envelope Diameter72 x 80 in1828 x 2032 mm
Pump20 hp
Table Weight Capacity5000 lbs
Length132 in3352 mm
Width216 in5486 mm
Height132 in3352
Winona Van Norman Inc. of Wichita Kansas is unaffiliated with the now defunct Wisconsin Company that went by the name Winona Van Norman; D & S Manufacturing Inc. or the Winona Van Norman Division, and the Van Norman Group of D & S Manufacturing Inc..
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