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VCTX ‐ Vacuum Tester Kit This instrument permits the testing of valve and seat contact all types of cylinder heads.

Product Information

The advantage of testing the valves before assembly is to detect and denote any kind of malfunction on seats, valves or guides. The ergonomic design of the VCTX provides comfort in handling and includes 6 different vacuum pads.

It is designed to work on all types of cylinder heads available on the marketplace.


The complete kit includes:

Ergonomic Vacuum Tester Pistol1
3" Vacuum Plate1
2" Vacuum Plate1
1 1/2" Vacuum Plate1
3.34" x 1.22" Vacuum Plate1
3.00"x2.20" Vacuum Plate1
3.34"x3" Vacuum Plate1
Flexible Hose Kit1
Iron Tube Extension1
Carrying Case1
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