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Fixturing that will set up all work pieces easy and function rapidly. Infinitely variable table traverse producing the exact surface finish desired for the wide range of gasket materials used.


Table Travel42 in1070 mm
Wheel Head Diameter13.7 in350 mm
Milling Head Diameter13.5 in343 mm
Table Length39.4 in1000 mm
Table Width12 in305 mm
Wheelhead5 HP
Wheelhead SpeedLow 800 / High 1600 RPM
Maximum Work Height21 in533 mm
Minimum Work Height5 in127 mm
Table Traverse Speeds0-65 IMP (0-1651 mm/min)
Distance Spindle Cl To Column8.3 in210 mm
Coolant Motor¼ HP
Length59 in1500 mm
Width45.3 in1850 mm
Height72.8 in1500 mm
Approx. Machine Weight2500 lbs. 1134 kg
Approx. Shipping Weight 2700 lbs. 1225 kg


A power column to help the operator finish the jobs fast. Rugged cast iron base with precision ground and matched ways. Flat and "V" way construction assures accurate parallelism and side-to-side tracking. Cast iron "box" type columns with dove tail ways and precision spindle bearings make the SM Series durable and accurate machines.

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