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The Winona Van Norman PS3500 is a dual purpose machine for a Line Hone and a Cylinder Hone. Hone V8, V6 or inline blocks up to 42" long. The ammeter allows the operator to maintain straight round cylinders without stopping to gauge. The up front carriage traverse handle allows the operator to quickly and easily position the hone head over the cylinder.

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Maximum Block Length42 in1066 mm
Maximum Cylinder Stroke with Powered Feed12 in304 mm
Maximum Cylinder Stroke with Manual FeedN/A
Maximum Line Stroke with Manual Feed34 in863 mm
Cylinder Honing Range with Standard Equipment1.75-5.5 in44.45-139.7 mm
Line Honing Range with Standard Equipment1.8-5.5 in45.7-139.7 mm
Cylinder Hone Motor1 HP
Stroke MotorN/A
Line Hone Motor0.75 HP
Coolant Capacity13 Gal.
Air Requirement100 PSI 3 CFM
Approx. Machine Weight1675 lbs. 760 kg
Approx. Shipping Weight1980 lbs.899 kg


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