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All Winona Van Norman blasters include a dust collector system as standard equipment. The dust collector must be used when the machine is operating. The dust collector filters air pulled from the blast cabinet through a series of bags to remove particulate of contamination and spent shot. The filter media used is very efficient, approaching 97% on 0.8 micron and 100% on 2-micron particulate.

Product Information


Filter Bag Part Number: B98

Special Features Included

Silencer: Optional

Hepa Filter: Optional

Rain Hood/Outdoor Kit: Optional

Fire Suppression System: Optional

Explosion Vent: Optional

Maintenance/Service Platform: Optional

Overall Dimensions (L x W x H)64 in x 36 in x 130 in
Number of Cartridges/Filters8
Filter Area224 (sq. ft.)
Blower5 HP
Approx. Blower800 CFM
Approx. Shipping Weight1200 lbs.
Duct Size8 in
Approx. Air Velocity2293 ft./min.
Gallon Size for Dust5 Gal
Winona Van Norman Inc. of Wichita Kansas is unaffiliated with the now defunct Wisconsin Company that went by the name Winona Van Norman; D & S Manufacturing Inc. or the Winona Van Norman Division, and the Van Norman Group of D & S Manufacturing Inc..
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