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The Winona Van Norman CHX Hone Tank is designed for ease and safety of operation while honing small engine cylinders. Cylinders are mounted to the cradle so that your hands are free to do the honing. The cylinder can be mounted at any angle and locked in place. The oil pump keeps your project properly lubricated throughout the honing process.

Product Information


Controls: Manual

Maximum Stroke with Powered FeedN/A
Maximum Stroke with Manual FeedN/A
Honing Range with Standard EquipmentN/A
Honing Range with Optional EquipmentN/A
Hone MotorN/A
Honing SpeedN/A
Stroke MotorN/A
Stroke SpeedN/A
Air RequirementN/A
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H)26 in x 19 in x 33 in660 mm x 482 mm x 838 mm
Approx. Machine Weight110 Ibs. 49 kg
Approx. Shipping Weight190 Ibs.86 kg
Winona Van Norman Inc. of Wichita Kansas is unaffiliated with the now defunct Wisconsin Company that went by the name Winona Van Norman; D & S Manufacturing Inc. or the Winona Van Norman Division, and the Van Norman Group of D & S Manufacturing Inc..
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