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The CGX model is an entry level crankshaft grinding machine suitable for rebuilding of crankshafts or for low productivity manufacturing.

Product Information

The machine is equipped with PLC control system. X and Z axes are moved by ballscrews on guideways and controlled by linear encoder. The lubricant system is centralized and there is automatic dressing cycle with automatic positioning of the grinding wheel. Complete with a fully automatic balancing system and vibration detector for best cutting condition of the grinding wheel. 3D Touch probe fixed on grinding wheel‐head permit the longitudinal setup of the workpiece and the position of grinding wheel.

The Z axes travels 3,700 mm and the X axes travels 480 mm. The grinding wheel diameter is 915 mm

Height of Centers on Table360 mm
Maximum Distance Between Centers3600 mm
Maximum Distance Between Self Centering Chucks3500 mm
Maximum Diameter Admitted on Table720 mm
Maximum Head Offset170 mm
Maximum Diameter Ground Using a New Grinding Wheel500 mm
Maximum Diameter Admitted in Steadyrest200 mm
Diameter of Grinding Wheel915 mm
Standard Grinding Wheel Thickness32 mm
Maximum Grinding Wheel Thickness60 mm
Minimum Grinding Wheel Thickness20 mm
Maximum Weight Admitted Between Centers600 kg
Maximum Weight Admitted Between Steadyrest1200 kg
Diameter of Self Centering Chucks225 mm
Variable Headstock Rotation Speeds80 RPM
Grindhead Motor Power7, 5 kW
Head Stock Motor Power2, 7 kW
Z Axis Motor Power2, 7 kW
X Axis Motor Power2, 7 kW
Air Pressure for Head Displacement 6 bar
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H)7130 mm x 2500 mm x 2200 mm
Approx. Machine Weight13000 kg
Approx. Shipping Weight8500 kg
Winona Van Norman Inc. of Wichita Kansas is unaffiliated with the now defunct Wisconsin Company that went by the name Winona Van Norman; D & S Manufacturing Inc. or the Winona Van Norman Division, and the Van Norman Group of D & S Manufacturing Inc..
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