New Green Cleaning Solutions from Winona Van Norman

Our Thermal Cleaning Systems line is expanding to meet the needs of large diesel manufacturers!

This year we have introduced our largest system to date, the 8543 Thermal Cleaning system is a scaled up system designed to handle large engine cleaning for industrial applications. The thermal cleaning system features three modules consisting of a thermal oven, fired by propane, natural gas or diesel fuel oil; a blast cabinet; and a shaker/tumbler cool down unit.

The work piece is held in a rotisserie style basket that is interchangeable from one module to the next, via a detachable work handling fixture. Baskets can be configured to hold engine blocks, heads, or small parts. Our special motorized carts are available to hold extra blocks and can act as a secondary cool down unit as well.

WVN Thermal Cleaning Systems offer an advantage over conventional washing units that use harsh chemicals that are costly to purchase and dispose of. The thermal process carbonizes any oil, grease, grime or dirt and a second stage afterburner eliminates any potentially hazardous fumes or vapors being released into the atmosphere. The shot blaster will remove all of the carbonized debris and prepare the surface for painting. The shaker cool-down unit will remove any shot and debris leftover from the blasting process while circulating cool air to bring the work piece to a safe temperature for handling. 

Our Thermal Cleaning Line ranges in sizes to meet any need from small blocks to the largest diesel engines. We are proud to develop these systems to keep manufacturers running efficiently while maintaining a commitment to help protect the environment. 

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