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VSGX-A Cylinder Head Machine

Introducing the VSGX-A Seat and Guide Machine, the most advance technology on the market.  Complete with an LCD touch screen with controls for every cyclinder head machining application in manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic mode. That's flexibility that makes it easy to find your comfort zone and work within it.

The VSGX-A double-axis leveling system is controlled using a color-coded, full-screen display for the fastest, most reliably accurate spindle-to-guide alignment in the industry.

The 5 HP servo motor applies more torque than you'll find on any other machine.  A custom program delivers a 'Performance Finish' at speed up to 1500 rpms in the last 3 cycles independent of normal CNC operation.

The results can be measured in seat finishes, concentricity and tolerences that are pushing the envelope for performance.  All at the push of a button.

Other VSGX-A features:

  • Precision 3-angle Seat Machining includes Ball Drive System, Single Blade 3-angle Tooling and Fixed Pilots.
  • Spring-less tooling utilizing the innovative Ball-Lok System.
  • Boring Head with +15%Tilt.


VSGX-A Specifications:

Max. Length Cylinder Head:   47.24" (1200 mm) w/ Standard Fixtures

Maximum Spindle Stroke:   5.31" (135 mm) 

Spindle Rotation Speed:   15 - 1500 RPM (Variable)

Spindle Motor:   37 Nm/5 HP

Length:   60" (1524 cm)

Width:   41" (1042 mm)

Height:   82" (2083)

Weight:   2,830 lbs. (1,310 kg)

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