VSGX Seat and Guide Machine

The new VSGX incorporates the latest technology available for the cylinder head machining industry, with unparalleled precision and rapid floor to floor times.

The VSGX adds elements never before used in this industry on this type of machine, making Winona Van Norman a leader in "Value For Your Money" machine solutions.

The 5 HP servo motor applies more torque than you'll find on any other machine.  A custom program delivers a 'Performance Finish' at speed up to 1500 rpms in the last 3 cycles independent of normal CNC operation.

The results can be measured in seat finishes, concentricity and tolerences that are pushing the envelope for performance.  All at the push of a button.

Other VSGX features:

  • Precision 3-angle Seat Machining includes Ball Drive System, Single Blade 3-angle Tooling and Fixed Pilots.
  • Spring-less tooling utilizing the innovative Ball-Lok System.
  • Boring Head with +/-15%Tilt.


VSGX Specifications:

Max. Length Cylinder Head:   47.24" (1200 mm) w/ Standard Fixtures

Maximum Spindle Stroke:   5.90" (150 mm) 

Spindle Rotation Speed:   15 - 1500 RPM (Variable)

Spindle Motor:   37 Nm/5 HP

Length:   60" (1524 cm)

Width:   41" (1042 mm)

Height:   82" (2083)

Weight:   2,822 lbs. (1,310 kg)



VSGX Seat and Guide Machine Video
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