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Machine Support and Parts

Since 1888, the company has designed and manufactured machining equipment and continues to innovate new solutions. A full range of equipment includes machinery for motorcycles, small engines, automobile, diesel, marine and high performance engine rebuilding.

Whether you're managing a single Winona Van Norman product or a suite of machines, you need quick access to the right parts. Winona Van Norman provides part orders quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

A streamlined parts procurement process:
Real-time price and availability
Provide high-quality OEM parts
Alternate part options.

Whether you have a planned maintenance shut down, consumable replacement or a unexpected breakdown Winona Van Norman will respond to your needs immediately. We will give you the peace of mind to look to the next big project. Beyond the manufacturing of your solutions we offer replacement parts for various equipment. Original equipment or a competitive part we engineer for optimal performance. Our staff will provide a comprehensive list of parts at time of purchase. Included is a recommendation of shelf parts.

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