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VBX CNC Boring and Milling

Seat Chuck
Winona Van Norman VSGX Seat and Guide Machine
Winona Van Norman CB1401 SetupRun
Winona Van Norman Flywheel Grinders (FG 5000)
Winona Van Norman SM 70 Surface Grinder
Winona Van Norman LB15 Block Boring Machine
WVN CG Crankshaft Grinder 1114
CHT 1240 Cylinder Head Pressure Tester
WVN GB 601 Glass Bead Blaster 0216
Hot Tank Demo 021113
WVN PG 1232 Platen Grinder
RB700 Rod Boring Machine
SM101 Milling Machine
SM70 Grinding Machine 2
WVN SM200 Grinding Machine 0914
Valve Seat and Guide Machine Center
Winona Van Norman - VRX Valve Refacer/Grinder
WVN VRX Valve Refacer and Grinder 0914
VSGX-A Seat & Guide Machine
710 E. 17th, Wichita, KS 67214-1312
(800) 533-8008
Winona Van Norman Inc. of Wichita Kansas is unaffiliated with the now defunct Wisconsin Company that went by the name Winona Van Norman; D & S Manufacturing Inc. or the Winona Van Norman Division, and the Van Norman Group of D& S Manufacturing Inc..